TV Series on TV2 Lorry: “Så gør jeg det selv!”

Join me and 2 other SoloMoms on TV2 Lorry in the mini series “Så gør jeg det selv!” (“Then I’ll just do it myself!”). We’re shedding light upon some of the topics you encounter as a Solomom and some of the inner thoughts you go through in the process of becoming one.

The series was sent on TV2 Lorry in february 2020 and I participated in episode 5:5. You can watch all of them here (so far they’re only in Danish):

Watch all episodes of “Så gør jeg det selv!”

Video documentary

What do you do when your life doesn’t go the way you dreamed? Camilla chose not to wait for life to come to her and instead found empowerment in the decisions she made.

Video documentary by Anna Fritsche and Mackenzie Brockman – made in the fall 2019.