When I contacted Camilla, I was very divided in my decision to go from solomom with one to two children. I can’t say exactly what Camilla does, but she clearly helped me a lot closer to my decision. I actually feel that I’m quite insightful in myself and my shadow sides, but Camilla was super skilled at spotting the things that were still shadowing, so I couldn’t see. I now look more clearly at all aspects of my decision. It was really nice to talk to a professional, who knows the situation I’m in as a solomom. It can be difficult for even those who are otherwise close to us to understand what it is exactly that we are going through.


Despite being nervous about talking to a stranger about such an important topic, it was a very pleasant conversation. I quickly relaxed and almost got the feeling of being on the phone with a girlfriend. Critical questions were asked, that made me reflect on some topics, that I had not focused so much on. You are a good listener, you stay neutral and you ask questions, where I can be challenged. Since I don’t know anyone, who has been through this process, it was really important for me to hear a little bit about your story too. It was nice to be able to mirror me in your experiences and get confirmed, that the thoughts and concerns I have in this process are completely normal. It has taken me a long step further in my decision making. Thank you for that.


The conversation with Camilla made it clear how I could act here and now. Camilla was empathic and listening and asked me questions, which forced me to address the things that were/are difficult. Camilla was direct, but loving and quickly realized where my challenges was.