SoloMom.dk by Camilla Hall

Are you dreaming of becoming a mother? Are you single and feel that time is running out? Do you constantly wonder when the right time to start is?

Do your thoughts circle around hoping that Mr. Right is just around the corner? What if you started your SoloMom project and he showed up tomorrow? What if he doesn’t? How long do you want to wait? How long CAN you wait?

Are you nervous about doing it on your own? Mentally, physically, financially? Are you worried if you are gonna be enough for your child? Are you scared of what your family and friends will think? Scared of what the world will think?

Does it hurt to think about having to have a baby on your own? Do you feel less worth because you haven’t found a man to share the experience with?

Could you? Would you? Should you?


It holds an infinite amount of thought, feelings and decisions and it’s difficult to keep track of it all on your own. I know, because I’ve been there. All of the above thoughts were mine five years ago.

Today I am a mom to beautiful Alvin and I am 100% comfortable in my SoloMom decision.

If you’re open to do some soul searching , I can help you to feel more confident in your SoloMom decision:

  • Get a perspective on your decisions, whether you’re thinking about a rainbow family, becoming a SoloMom, if you already are a SoloMom and wants another child or even if you Just. Don’t. Know.
  • Sort out the decision making process: What do you need to be aware of?
  • Learn more about how to choose a donor.
  • Get specific tools to help you deal with the sorrow of loss of a nuclear family.
  • Sparring at eye level with someone who’s already walked the whole way.
  • Get help to find your own limiting beliefs.
  • Get the courage to take the next step.

I support you fully in the decisions you make and I’m rooting for you from the sidelines.